August 2021


Empty Sauna room turned on

Difference Between an InfraRed Sauna and Traditional One

Saunas have been around longer than you probably think. Saunas have existed for at least hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Granted, Saunas now look nothing like they did when they first came out. Saunas have evolved drastically through the years and there is more than one type of sauna. When you choose to use a

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woman dehydrated trying to cool off

What Are the Signs That I Am Dehydrated?

Human Bodies are mostly made up of water. When a human body does not take in enough liquids for a set amount of time, dehydration is bound to occur. Dehydration is unpleasant and something none of us ever wants to experience. Unfortunately, we all most likely have at some point in our lives. Millions of

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