About Us.

I.V. League is the Ivy League of Wellness & Performance

When you want the best education in the world, you go to an Ivy League school. When you want the best in personal health, you go to I.V. League Hydration.

At I.V. League, it’s easy to choose your wellness major—like performance, recovery, hangover cures, muscle building, better sleep, and healthier, more beautiful skin. And you can graduate in as little as thirty minutes.

Owned and operated by registered nurses, I.V. League Hydration has locations in Boston and New Hampshire, and provides concierge treatments on Nantucket and across New England. You can book online or walk right in—either way, you walk out amazing.

Throw your graduation cap in the air. I.V. League has you feeling better than ever.

Meet The League

Courtney McAuley

Owner & Founder

The right therapies can change people’s lIVes. As an ER nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, Courtney McAuley knew this as well as anyone. Yet, she also knew how much wasn’t being done in traditional medical settings.

So, she set out on her own to offer cutting edge, natural treatments for recovery, prevention, and self-improvement, inside and out. In the same way that Ivy League schools prepare students for success, Courtney and her team of registered nurses empower you to take control of your health, wellness, and performance.

A mother of three, Courtney is passionate about offering smart, safe, and effectIVe wellness treatments for people of all ages and walks of life. Having run the Boston Marathon four times, she understands the value of IV hydration for athletes. Each year provides pre- and post-race IV hydration for marathon runners from all around the world.

Dr. Joseph Russo

I.V. League Medical Director

Dr. Russo is a Board-certified, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in practice since 1991 and the founder of Medical Aesthetics Associates. Located in Boston, Medical Aesthetics Associates supports a compliant network of Massachusetts medical aesthetic experts, including I.V. League.

Gabriella Mastrangelo

IV Specialist - Salem, NH

Gabriella has been in healthcare for more than 10 years, first as a float pool nurse and currently in an intensIVe care unit. Her caring and positIVe attitude make her a stellar I.V. League nurse.

Courtney Ferreira

IV Specialist, Nantucket - South Boston

A Level 1 trauma nurse in Boston, Courtney has been a nurse on Nantucket and at adult and pediatric hospitals around the country. She has also managed a COVID-19 vaccination clinic and flown critical patients with the United States Coast Guard. Part of the I.V. League team from the beginning, Courtney is a talented multitasker who develops great relationships with clients.

Jessica White

IV specialist/ Nurse injector - South Boston

Making people feel good and look good is a passion for Jessica, who has more than a decade of experience in nursing. A graduate of the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics, she administers IV hydration treatments as well as aesthetic treatments such as Botox. She joined I.V. League in 2022.

Scott Jones

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Scott is a Johnson & Wales UnIVersity alum with a career in sales and business development. At I.V. League, he works behind the scenes in sales, development, customer service, and event management. A proud dad of 3 boys, he loves to chat and share a smile with every stranger he meets.

Collin Kjellquist

General Manager  - South Boston

After joining I.V. League in 2022, Collin immediately demonstrated his passion for wellness, customer service, and management, and was soon promoted to General Manager. A nurse in a critical care unit at St. Mary’s Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital’s surgical/trauma unit for more than fIVe years, Collin loves educating customers on I.V. League’s most cutting-edge therapies.

Larissa Mclaughlin

IV Specialist - Salem, NH

A hematology consultant for Bristol Myers Squibb, Larissa was previously a nurse on the bone marrow transplant floor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her hard work and dedication to learning make her an asset to I.V. League and our clients.

Anna Morgan

IV Specialist - Salem, NH

An ER nurse at Children’s Hospital, Boston, Anna’s easygoing and caring personality is a comfort to our clients. Her hardworking nature and IV proficiency keep things running smoothly at IV. League’s Salem location.