Emsculpt treatment

Benefits Of Using Emsculpt In The Summer

Emsculpt is a cutting-edge body contouring device that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for use to burn fat from the body and build muscle mass. It’s a device that utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy therapy to elicit supramaximal contractions-not possible through contracting the muscles naturally to melt fat, tone and build muscles,

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Sauna in progress

How Can A Sauna Help In The Summer?

Despite the many misconceptions about sauna usage, it is still popular during the summer.  The heat should not deter you from getting in the sauna this summer. There are several benefits to be had from using a sauna. From relaxation to weight loss, saunas can be enjoyed during the summer just like you would any

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Earth drop with 2 hands

Summer Dehydration And How To Prevent It

Dehydration occurs when the amount of fluid leaving the body is more than the amount being taken in. During summer, the weather is dry and the sun is out for longer periods, so we tend to sweat more frequently. If this loss of water isn’t accounted for by regular fluid intake then dehydration can occur.

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Cryotherapy chamber in use

Using Cryotherapy In The Summer

Cryotherapy as a procedure was developed in Japan in the 1970s to help patients treat rheumatoid arthritis. During this procedure, client’s exposed themselves to cold dry air in the form of liquid nitrogen for up to 3 minutes. People use this procedure for several health benefits which include melting fat, boosting energy, soothing sore muscles and

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Woman drinking Water

Why You Need To Stay Hydrated in 2022

Though it is often overlooked, water is one of the most important elements for human survival. In fact, the human body is composed of approximately 60% water. It is no wonder then that inadequate hydration can lead to a wide range of health problems. While drinking enough water is essential, it is not the only

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