Bachelor, Bachelorette & Wedding Party IV Hydration.

Oops, that happened. You did a number on yourself last night and now the big day is just a few hours away.

But you’re in luck! You booked time with the IV League. IV League’s proprietary IV hydration blends can halt hangovers and flush out toxins with symptom-targeting ingredients. It can even restore hair and skin to a radiant glow—just in time for “I do” and “Say, cheese!”


  • Zofran anti-nausea medication
  • Toradol pain medication
  • Multivitamin cocktail
  • Vitamin C & Glutathione
  • Additional saline bags for added hydration available upon request

Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Wedding Party services are available in South Boston, Salem, NH, or on-location wherever you and yours are staying. To learn more or to schedule treatments, contact us at 800-905-4252 or