Bachelor, Bachelorette, & Wedding Party IV Hydration


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Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life, but sometimes the bachelor & bachelorette parties can get the best of us! Nothing will revive you and your wedding party and get you back in action for the big day like an IV hydration treatment will. IV League Hydration offers on-location group treatment services for fast & effective hangover relief delivered right to you. 

How We Help

IV League Hydration is a team of registered nurses utilizing a common & noninvasive technique to intravenously deliver fluids with added health components to relieve your hangover symptoms. We have proprietary blends of fluids to hydrate your body & replenish the vitamins and electrolytes you are lacking during a hangover. Our packages include options offering a multitude of hydrating, replenishing, and symptom-targeting ingredients. These treatments not only provide fast relief for hangover symptoms but will restore the hair & skin with a radiant glow by flushing out toxins & replenishing cells.

Our Ingredients

  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Toradol pain medication
  • Multivitamin cocktail 
  • Vitamin C & Glutathione
  • Additional saline bags for added hydration available upon request

Book IV Services For Your Bridal Party

IV League Hydrate is happy to provide your bridal party with hangover relief & hydration services either on location where you are or at our South Boston, MA location. Our treatments typically take less than an hour and will get you & your bridal party ready to celebrate, beautified & hangover free! To book or discuss services, please give us a call at 800-905-4252 or sent us an email at

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