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Dehydration In the Winter

Dehydration is often associated with the Summer and hot weather, but it does not go away when the season changes to Winter. In fact, in some cases it is easier to get dehydrated in the winter due to the cold weather. Here is everything you should know to avoid dehydration this winter. 1. Have a

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Wedding hug

How Can IV Hydration Improve My Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most memorable day you will ever have. Weddings usually take multiple people and a year or years to plan. As the wedding day closes in, it is not unusual to feel burned out or stressed. After all, weddings take a commitment from every angle and aspect.

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Woman measuring her torso

What Should I Know About Emsculpt?

Most of us want to lose weight and improve our bodies but we either do not get the results we strive for or reach a plateau. For years, the majority of us looked for ways to burn fat and improve our muscle tone. Unfortunately, most of us found out it was nowhere near as easy

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Cryotherapy chamber in use

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy may seem unusual on the surface, but the practice has now been around for over 40 years. Cryotherapy is regarded by medical professionals as a safe, effective, and time-efficient method of aiding your body. When you think of cryotherapy, think of a cold therapy treatment. The name is derived from the stem “cryo”, which

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Empty Sauna room turned on

Difference Between an InfraRed Sauna and Traditional One

Saunas have been around longer than you probably think. Saunas have existed for at least hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Granted, Saunas now look nothing like they did when they first came out. Saunas have evolved drastically through the years and there is more than one type of sauna. When you choose to use a

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