sore leg from working out and intense running leading to inflamed muscles that can be helped with normatec compression recovery treatments

How to Beat Muscle Soreness With NormaTec Compression Recovery

Keep Your Muscles From Getting Sore & Get Back in the Gym with NormaTec Recovery For the avid gym-goers, NormaTec Recovery is a revolutionary new technology that helps keep your muscles from getting sore between workouts. After your most intense workouts, it can take several days to recover and become ready to hit the gym

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Man drinking Water

Dehydration In the Winter

Dehydration is often associated with the Summer and hot weather, but it does not go away when the season changes to Winter. In fact, in some cases it is easier to get dehydrated in the winter due to the cold weather. Here is everything you should know to avoid dehydration this winter. 1. Have a

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Normatec recovery compression bags

Should I use Normatec Recovery?

Not familiar with Normatec recovery? Normatec recovery is a revolutionary recovery system that utilizes an air compressor for your legs and hips! Normatec recovery has quickly gained popularity over the last few years to the point where professional athletes such as Lebron James are using it! We all know that exercises such as running, climbing,

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IV Hydration bags getting ready for use

How Does IV Hydration Help with Hangovers?

Most adults have some sort of experience with hangovers as one of the more unpleasant side-effects of having a little too much fun. You may have heard of home remedies said to cure a hangover, but how about IV hydration? Keep reading for more information about what it is and how it can help with

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