Dehydration In the Winter

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Dehydration In the Winter

Dehydration is often associated with the Summer and hot weather, but it does not go away when the season changes to Winter. In fact, in some cases it is easier to get dehydrated in the winter due to the cold weather. Here is everything you should know to avoid dehydration this winter.

1. Have a Water Bottle Handy in Public

We are sure there are many of you who do not feel like it is necessary to carry a water bottle around in the winter, but that would be a gigantic mistake. While the desire to carry water around and drink it diminishes in the winter, it is not any less important. Always try to have a water bottle within your grasp when you go to school, the gym, etc.

2. Be cognizant of Your Sweat

It is harder for your body to sweat in the winter but it still happens. In the winter, most of us wear extra layers of clothing. This can cause us to sweat and sometimes without us knowing about it. At the gym, most people have to work out twice as hard to generate sweat but when they do, they lose bodily fluids in the process. While we may not be as thirsty in the winter compared to hot summer months, do not let your body fool you. When you realize you are sweating compensate it by drinking water or juice.

Signs You Could Be Dehydrated This Winter

  • Thirst

This first sign goes without saying! If you can feel your body hinting at dehydration, drink some water!

  • Headaches

Sometimes when we encounter headaches, we do not know the source. If you are not getting enough fluids or hydration, your headache could be a byproduct of dehydration.

  • Sluggishness

If you are constantly feeling sluggish this winter and not sure why it could be tied to improper hydration levels. When humans are dehydrated they often lack energy and strength.

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