How Long Should a Hangover Last?

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How Long Should a Hangover Last?

You have a fun night out with friends, go to bed, and wake up with an extremely horrible hangover. The first thought to yourself is, how long is this going to last?

Hangover Causes

A hangover is simply caused by drinking too much alcohol. Some people can get them from 1-3 drinks and then there are also people who don’t get hangovers at all. There are some factors that can impact the length and severity of your hangover.

These are some of the reasons why your hangovers are worse sometimes more than others.

  1. You didn’t drink enough water. Drinking can dehydrate you, more than other sicknesses like vomiting or diarrhea. And if you didn’t drink enough water this will slow how fast your body can detox from the alcohol. If you are planning to drink a lot in a given time frame, to ease the hangover you should alternate between a drink and a glass of water.
  2. You didn’t sleep well. Although when you’ve had alcohol, it may put you asleep fast, it may not let you get your best night’s rest. According to experts, people tend to have more interrupted sleep following a night of going out. The more you drink, the worse you sleep, and then it will make you feel that much worse the morning after.
  3. You’re getting older. When you’re young and 21, the body is able to detoxify alcohol at a much higher rate than as you get older.
  4. You have a sensitivity & don’t know it. Many people have a sensitivity to certain foods, drinks, or chemicals and don’t realize it. For example, beer is made with barley and hope which is gluten, mixers are typically high in sugar, wines have sulfites. You can be intolerant to any of these which can make your hangover that much worse.
  5. You’re currently taking medication. Most of the medications we take are metabolized by the kidney and liver which is the same organs your body uses to metabolize alcohol. This causes these organs to work harder and still not be able to metabolize the alcohol at as fast of a rate that they normally do.

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