Our Services in Dorchester, MA

Our Services in Dorchester, MA

Located just north of Dorchester – IV League calls South Boston home, but since we are a concierge service, we are happy to come into the great neighborhood of Dorchester. Dorchester, MA is a very historic town – and is over 6 square miles. It was founded in 1630, before the town of Boston was founded, and stayed a fairly rural town up until the late 1870’s. Once railroads and street cars went into Dorchester, it become more populated.  

As Boston, MA continues to expand, Dorchester is becoming more popular, the South Bay Mall continues to update the shops & restaurants in order to accommodate the popularity of Dorchester. The MBTA red line goes through Dorchester, MA and can bring residents into the city of Boston.

Hangover Help in Dorchester, MA

IV Hydration in Dorchester, MA

IV hydration is the fastest way to cure a hangover. Why? Because your body is dehydrated and by getting our special blend of liquids directly into your body, you can expect to feel relief almost instantly. We have specific packages depending on what your needs are. IV hydration helps with problems ranging from hangovers to feeling ill and even jet lag.

Dermal Fillers in Dorchester, MA

IV League not only helps with IV hydration – but also looking and feeling your best. We offer dermal fillers at our location in South Boston, MA. Dermal fillers help erase lines, help fill folds in your skin, as well as add volume to areas like your cheeks and foreheads. We work specifically to target your problem areas to get you looking your best.

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