Should I use Normatec Recovery?

Normatec recovery compression bags

Should I use Normatec Recovery?

Not familiar with Normatec recovery? Normatec recovery is a revolutionary recovery system that utilizes an air compressor for your legs and hips! Normatec recovery has quickly gained popularity over the last few years to the point where professional athletes such as Lebron James are using it! We all know that exercises such as running, climbing, powerlifting, etc., can take a physical toll on our bodies. Normatec was created and exists to help us recover faster and help us produce even greater results the next time we work out! Normatec recovery will make sure our bodies are rejuvenated and strong on the days we feel sore and lethargic.

Benefits of Normatec Recovery

  • Relives muscle ache and pains
  • Speeds up the muscle recovery process
  • Treats muscle soreness
  • Can improve physical performance
  • Better circulation throughout our bodies.
  • Relaxing and comfortable
  • Allows you to multitask
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes

Where can I buy Normatec?

Normatec is easily accessible on websites such as Amazon and stores like Best Buy, but it will not come cheap. It is worth buying your own if you plan on using it regularly as an athlete but if you only plan on using it from time to time we suggest going to places that offer Normatec sessions. Normatec recovery is something you can easily do with friends, teammates, or family members. With its ability to speed up recovery time, improve performance, and its comfortability, it is no wonder some of the world’s best athletes rely on Normatec!

Now Offering Normatec!

At IV League, we are getting with the times and now offer our clients Normatec sessions! Normatec’s compression boots can be worn before or after a grueling workout and will help you recover faster and more efficiently. At IV League, a Normatec session is great to pair with either an Emsculpt or IV treatment! We are open seven days a week, so get in contact with IV League to get started on your recovery today!

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