6 Signs of Chronic Dehydration

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6 Signs of Chronic Dehydration

Proper hydration is critical to the body’s energy levels, athletic performance, and overall health. Dehydration can be caused by poor diet, extreme heat, or prolonged physical activity. The signs of dehydration can often be subtle and are not as simple as feeling thirsty. Check out these symptoms to watch out for & how to solve them.

Excessive Thirst

If you constantly feel like you have a thirst that can’t be quenched, you are definitely dehydrated. You may just need to increase water consumption or dietary hydration, but this is often a sign you also need to replenish your body’s vitamins & electrolytes. You might do this with a recovery beverage, a water additive, or the quicker option of a professionally administered IV bag.

Constipation & Dark Colored Urine

Dehydration can affect the intestinal organs and urinary system. A dehydrated diet can lead to occasional or recurring constipation, and darker colored urine is also a sign that the body is dehydrated. While these symptoms can sometimes be solved by increasing your daily consumption of water, you might also benefit from dietary changes that will contribute to hydration. Suggested nutritional improvements can include increased fruits & vegetables and less consumption of foods that are high in starch or sodium. If your body is hydrated & healthy, you should experience intestinal regularity & light yellow to clear urine.

Dry or Flaking Skin

Dehydration affects your entire body from the inside out. Dry or flaking skin is a very common sign that the body is not properly hydrated. Topical moisturizers and serums can help restore hydration to the skin, but you can also restore hydration from within by drinking more water or receiving professionally administered IV hydration treatment.

Prolonged Exercise

If you practice a physically taxing sport or activity, you should be focused on proper hydration before, during, & after your exercise. Sometimes with extreme physical exertion, drinking water or electrolytes is not enough to rehydrate your body’s muscles. In these cases, your body will benefit from IV hydration. IV hydrations not only contain hydrating saline, but some can also be infused with important vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that will restore your energy level and contribute to muscle repair.

Fatigue & Muscle Weakness

Dehydration can lead to extreme fatigue, either during exercise or throughout regular daily activities. Achieving a healthy level of hydration can give you a boost of energy and strength. Next time you hit that 3:00 PM crash, try a bottle of water instead of an extra cup of coffee!

Headaches & Dizziness

Headaches & dizziness are often the results of a lack of fluid & electrolytes. If you experience these symptoms, try treating them with rest and hydration. If the symptoms persist, you should see a medical professional to discover or rule out underlying medical issues.

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