South Boston, MA

IV League is proud to be located in South Boston or “Southie,” MA and to serve the community. Hydrating the body is an important part of your body’s everyday function. South Boston is a very popular spot, it’s located about a mile south of Boston, MA. The neighborhood was first settled in 1635. From the 1820’s on, South Boston was mostly inhabited by Irish-Americans and to this day – the Irish feel is alive. South Boston is famous for the “Dorchester Heights” monument where George Washington watched for the British in the American Revolution war.

South Boston today, is full of young professionals & families as Boston continues to expand. There are restaurants, local shops, & businesses that all line main street! Southie is continuing to grow into a bustling community.

Our Services in South Boston

IV Hydration in South Boston

No matter if you are hungover, feeling sick, or just jet lagged – we have a different remedy for you. We have concocted a blend of hydrating liquids with multivitamins to ensure a quick relief. 


Our shots are great if you need a quick and east solution. For people who need a quick energy boost, we offer B-12 shots that work quickly to boost your energy up to its peak. If you need help losing a few pounds, we offer our lip 10B shot. This shot aids in fat breakdown to boost your metabloism and helps with how your body aids in fat breakdown.