South Boston, MA

South Boston, MA

IV League is proud to be located in South Boston, MA or as residents like to call it “Southie”.  Housing roughly 35,000 residents, people of all ages live in Southie. First settled in the 1600s, Southie is now considered a popular and unique territory near the city of Boston and we are proud to serve the community. In addition to its proximity to the capital city of Boston, Southie offers endless attractions, restaurants, bars, local shops, etc. With everyting Southie has to offer, it is very easy to get dehydrated in Southie. The importance of staying hydrated every day goes without saying and we are here to help. Hydrating your body is an important part of your body’s everyday function and should never be neglected. If you have experienced dehydration before, we can safely assume it is not something you want to experience again. As Southie continues to grow and expand in every avenue, we are thrilled to play our part.  

Our Services in South Boston

IV Hydration in South Boston

On some days, you may feel tired, dizzy hungover, sick, or just jet-lagged. When you experience those symptoms, we have a remedy for you. Our IV Hydration service is a blend of hydrating liquids with multivitamins to ensure timely recovery. 

The Benefits of our IV Hydration:

  • Efficient 
  • Safe
  • Can Alleviate Hangover Symptoms 
  • Immunity Booster
  • Muscle Relief 


We offer a variety of shots at IV League. When you want an Intramuscular shot in the Boston area, look no further than our licensed medical professionals. For your safety, do not just let anyone give you an intramuscular shot.  Our shots have proven to be great for those who need a quick and easy solution to feel better. For people who need a quick energy boost, we offer B-12 shots that work quickly to boost your energy up to its peak. If you need help losing a few pounds, we offer our lip 10B shot. This shot aids in fat breakdown to boost your metabolism and helps with how your body aids in fat breakdown. 

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