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The team at IV League Hydration prides itself on going above & beyond each client’s expectations. Whether you receive an IV treatment, one of our med spa services, Emsculpt, or we cater to your bachelor & bachelorette parties, we are only happy when you’re happy! Check out the reviews from our satisfied clients and if we have already met, please feel free to leave us a review yourself! 

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This place has saved me TWICE with the "Hail Mary" package. A saline drip with multi vitamins, nausea medicine, and a pain reliever. Once when I had a tad too much to drink (maybe more than a tad), and today, when I had food poisoning. My body aches and level of nausea went from severe to barely there, and I received a level of hydration I couldn't replenish myself. Do this! It is absolutely amazing for nausea or pain of any kind!

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I cannot recommend IV League enough! The Hail Mary has me back on my feet even with the worst hangover. In addition to curing a hangover (what more could you ask for?), the store is so pleasant and the owners are delightful. They give you seItzer, water or ginger ale and totally understand how you are feeling. They prepare your bag super quickly while you kick your feet up in a comfortable leather recliner and wait for the magic to work! I really enjoy coming in and will even start coming when I'm not hungover for the vitamin mix. I am hooked!!

Although I have nothing to compare them to I'm giving this place 5 stars. I wasn't able to eat or drink anything for 3 days without throwing it up. I went to Newton Wellesley hospital emergency room and they did nothing to help. Told me to call on Monday to make an appointment for an endoscopy. The next day, still sick, I went to IV League and got the Hail Mary plus an extra bag of saline. Although pricey...well worth it as I was miserable for 4 days and now I'm able to eat and drink. I can't thank them enough!

I cannot say enough good things about IV league and the gamechanger IV that I received. I received the IV the night before a 20 mile run and i felt AMAZING during the entire run. It was a night and day change and I highly recommend anyone who is training for long distances to go see courtney and her team at IV league. The space is super welcoming and laid-back and the whole IV took only 30 minutes. I will definitely be back.

This place is amazing! We came in town for the HubSpot Inbound conference and a co-worker got super sick so we wanted a quick immunity boost and Courtney the owner took amazing care of us! We did the Knockout drip and were so impressed with her knowledge and the service. We added on a B12 shot, too to give us an energy for the rest of the conference! I highly recommend!

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