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The Best Choice for an End-of-Summer Hydration & Detox

We LOVE summer. Days spent on the beach, fun parties, tasty foods, fruity drinks – Okay, who doesn’t love summer? It’s like the fun never stops! At the end of the season, however, your skin is bound to be super dehydrated from all of the sun, food, & drinks that you’ve savored. Your skin is in serious need of hydration & detoxification! Instead of a drastic detox diet that might not work, or trying to drink a summer’s worth of water in one day, you can restore your skin’s natural glow & feel your best with an IV hydration treatment. 

Immediate Hydration

IV hydration treatments give you the most immediate form of hydration throughout your entire body. While it is used medically for a variety of ailments, IV hydration is becoming more common for the treatment of hangovers because it replenishes cells with necessary fluid & electrolytes. You do not need to be in a medical setting to utilize an IV service – You can receive fluid at an IV Hydration Company location or even at your home! 

Added Nourishment

A standard IV bag of saline will benefit your entire body’s hydration & boost electrolyte levels, however, even more advanced options are available. You can choose an IV that contains added antioxidants and vitamins that will even further benefit your skin & health. Unlike a detox diet that might leave you undernourished & feeling rundown, this type of IV bag will invigorate your entire body & mind while restoring your glow. 

How Hydration Benefits Your Skin & More

Hydration is important to your overall well being, and dehydration can effect your digestive system, circulation, and skin elasticity. Dehydrated skin will eventually lose elasticity & be more prone to wrinkles. It is also generally dryer & flakier, which is not aesthetically appealing and does not allow for smooth product & makeup application. Unlike moisturizers & other skincare products, IV hydration will target the skin from within, enriching & hydrating your whole body along the way. 

Fall is the perfect time to restore hydration & essential vitamins after the summer sun & diet splurges. Receiving an IV hydration in the fall also prepares your skin for the dry New England winter ahead. Book your end-of the-summer IV hydration treatment now! 

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