Top Benefits of Common Vitamins

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Top Benefits of Common Vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds necessary to sustain life. While our bodies produce many vitamins on our own, for some we rely on food or the environment to receive adequate amounts. Some of the most commonly known vitamins include vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A, and more. Do you know what each of your vitamin supplements specifically does to benefit your body?

Where Do We Get Vitamins From?

The human body relies on food for many essential vitamins & nutrients. For example, fruit provides us with vitamin C, dairy provides calcium, and red meat provides iron. We get other vitamins by absorbing them from the environment, like how we get vitamin D the sun. You can, of course, boost your vitamin intake by taking supplements, receiving treatments, and more!

What Are Essential Vitamins?

There are 13 essential vitamins, and even more natural compounds and supplements that help function. A healthy balance of each essential vitamin is what maintains the proper function of all of the body’s systems. This includes the skin, muscles, eyes, and other systems within the body!

Vitamin A

Like many vitamins, vitamin A has benefits that show across many parts of the body. Vitamin A promotes better function of the eyes, heart, kidneys, and reproductive system. This vitamin is most well known to be in carrots!

B Complex

B Complex vitamins are beneficial for brain function, as they help carry oxygen throughout the body. They also help the body convert food into energy and therefore boost your energy levels more consistently.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is best known for its benefits to the body’s immune health. It regenerates tissue, helping the body recover from viruses and avoid new ones. Along with this, vitamin C  Vitamin C may also protect against certain cancers.

Vitamin E

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E supports healthy skin and has anti-aging properties. This vitamin also aids the blood flowing through the circulatory system.

How to Increase Your Vitamin Intake

Taking daily supplements is one of the first things that comes to mind when we want to increase our vitamin intake. This is a great long term solution to being low on vitamins, however, it can take weeks to feel the effects. For an instant boost of vitamins, electrolytes, and other key nutrients, you might consider booking an IV hydration treatment with a service like IV League Hydration. At IV League, we provide intravenous treatments to help you boost your immune system, kick a hangover, or just get that extra energy your body is lacking!

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