Most of us want to lose weight and improve our bodies but we either do not get the results we strive for or reach a plateau. For years, the majority of us looked for ways to burn fat and improve our muscle tone. Unfortunately, most of us found out it was nowhere near as easy as it sounded. Then Emsculpt was created and FDA-Approved. Emsculpt is a proven-safe machine that helps users significantly burn fat, lose weight and improve muscle mass.

What Type of People Can Use Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is open to anyone! Emsculpt can be for those who want to improve the outlook of their body, those who want to stay in shape, and even for athletes in great condition! Emsculpt can help anyone but will help certain body types more than others. If you are unsure how your body will react to an Emsculpt treatment, consult with a medical expert or professional first.

What Is The Emsculpt Process Like?

The Emsculpt process generally takes two to three weeks consisting of 30-minute sessions to yield results. An Emsculpt treatment may feel uncomfortable the first time you give it a go, but it is not painful or discomforting.

What Are The Main Benefits of Emsculpt?

  • It has proven to be effective time and time again.

One thirty-minute emsculpt session is equivalent to a grueling gym workout.

  • Quick Results

A handful of people have to wait months or a year to see their bodies change via exercising or eating better. With Emsculpt, many see results in just a few weeks! Emsculpt sessions are generally 30 minutes, so you do not have to devote a lot of time or adjust your busy schedule to make room for it.

  • Beneficial for Muscle Recovery

Most of us experience muscle soreness or pain every know and then, especially after lifting weights. Emsculpt users have credited the treatment for helping their muscles heal faster.

Emsculpt Treatments in Boston, MA & Salem NH: IV League

Losing weight and reduding body fat is never easy, but we know what it takes. Looking for a professional emsculpt treatment in the New England region? IV League offers emsculpt at two locations: Boston, MA and Salem, NH. Contact us to learn more about our emsculpt services today!