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The Best Tips To Avoid Dehydration This Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away and the official start to summer is almost here! The weather is quickly heating up and we are certain everyone will find a way to enjoy the great outdoors this summer. Despite all the excitement and fun summer brings, summer can be unenjoyable if you do not take care of yourself or your body. Summers climate and heat means it is extremely important to stay hydrated every single day in the summer. Being dehydrated can lead to headaches, passing out, cramps, exhaustion, etc. Avoid getting dehydrated this summer by following these tips.

Drink Plenty of Water

Did you know the human body is about 75% comprised of water? With a statistic like that, our first tip is straightforward and simple: Drink a lot of water. Water is always an excellent choice of hydration and helps us maintain our bodies. Mixing in other fluids and even alcohol is okay as long as you do it in moderation. Just keep in mind that the most important thing on a hot summer day or when you are running around is to consume as much water as possible.

Hydrate Through Food

Did you know you can stay hydrated by consuming certain foods? It is not something we often think about but it is true! Almost all Fruits are vegetables all contain a certain percentage of water in them. Fruits and vegetables are tasty and can help us stay hydrated. A win-win! When you are out enjoying a beautiful summer day consider snacking on watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, grapefruit, and cherries.

Don’t forget to Cool Down

The human body can only take so much heat. During summer outings or activities, it is easy to get overheated. Making sure our bodies are properly regulated goes beyond drinking enough water. Do not expose yourself to the hot summer sun for too long and take breaks when your body is giving you signals.

Professional IV Hydration Services: IV League

Another way you can stay hydrated this summer is through IV treatments. At IV League, we are a certified Medspa offering safe and professional IV treatments. Our IV hydration packages are a great way to revive, rejuvenate and replenish your body this summer. If you are constantly feeling dehydrated, our IV treatments may be just what you need. We are open seven days a week and opening a second location in Salem, NH soon! Contact us today to book your appointment. Your body will thank you!

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