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Did you know you can find us in more than one spot? We currently have locations in South Boston and Salem, NH, and are happy to announce we will be opening another location in South Boston on L street this Spring! Follow the steps below to find the service that best works for you!

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Always hungry? Frequent headaches? Your body is trying to tell you it needs hydration. Drinking plenty of water is a good start, but absorption through the digestive tract takes time. IV hydration is the fastest & most effective method of introducing fluid, nutrients & health supplements throughout your entire body. IV League treatments are a safe, fast and easy way to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your body and mind. IV League therapy quickly delivers hydration, nutrients and electrolytes directly to your bloodstream. The health benefits take effect as soon as your drip begins! As an on-location service, our IV hydration, vitamin infusions and Booster shots are administered in the comfort of your own home, place of business or event!


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IV League is your go-to solution for hydration and wellness services with convenient locations in Salem, New Hampshire, and South Boston, Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, boost your immune system, or simply rehydrate after a long day, IV League has everything you need to feel your best again. 

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We provide a wide variety of IV Hydration & Vitamin treatments tailored just for you. IV League utilizes a common, minimally-invasive procedure to intravenously deliver fluids, vitamins and other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream to provide relief for a multitude of common ailments associated with the accumulative effects of dehydration. Our proprietary blend of IV infusions treat dehydration, hangovers, cold and flu symptoms, fatigue, jet-lag. Our treatments are also effective for improving general appearance by flushing out harmful toxins and beautifying hair and skin.

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IV Drips

2 for $40 OFF, 4 for $160 OFF, 6 for $300 OFF


5 Sessions, Salem Only

B12/Lipo Shots

6 Shots, Can Combine!

Cold Plunge

5 Sessions, L St. & Salem Only


20 units $220 40 units $420 60 units $600 100 units $950

Infrared Sauna

5 Sessions, L St. & Salem Only


3 Months of Weekly Shots

Fire & Ice (Cryo/Sauna)

5 Sessions, Salem Only


4 Day Loading Dose

Oxygen Bar

5 Sessions, Salem Only