What Is IV Hydration?

What Is IV Hydration?

You may have heard from friends or coworkers that they have gotten an IV Hydration & a common questions we get a lot is – what is it? Here is an overview of what it is, and why it’s so good for you!

IV Hydration 101

Getting an IV is the fastest way for it to enter and be absorbed into your body. Your body is absorbing 100% of the liquid vs. if you drink it, your body is only getting 30-40% of what you intake. Which is why you can see results so fast! An IV drip normally takes less than 45 minutes and you are able to feel results almost right away. IV Hydration improves health and wellness, not only does it help if you are sick or need an extra energy boost. But it can also kick your immune system up! If you think you are getting sick, are experiencing jet lag, hungover, or dehyrated then getting an IV can help your symptoms!

Why does IV Hydration work so fast?

Other than your body absorbing 100% of the liquids, it’s also full of electrolytes and other vitamins that are tailored to you and your body’s needs. Want to try IV Hydration for yourself? Give us a call today! We are a full-service concierge coming to your home or office in South Boston, MA. We are located in South Boston, MA and our office will soon be opening for you to come in for your added convenience. Call us today to schedule your appointment and don’t miss a day because you are dehydrated.

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