How to Prep & Do an At-Home Semaglutide Injection

woman injecting syringe of medicine semaglutide for an at-home injection shot

How to Prep & Do an At-Home Semaglutide Injection

Semaglutide At-Home Injections: How to Properly Prepare & Administer

Recently, several studies have shown Semaglutide as a promising, non-invasive solution for weight loss. Using a once-weekly injection, this medication can help individuals who have struggled to lose weight using other methods and diets. As part of our Semaglutide 3-Month program, we provide our clients with the medication and syringes for at-home administration. It is essential that anyone who is injecting themselves is aware of and understands how to do it properly for their own safety. In this blog, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to prep an area for injection, how to draw the medicine into the syringe, and how to inject it into your body. If you have any questions, please contact us by visiting our website or call us at 800-905-4252.

Supplies You Need for At-Home Semaglutide Injections

Before you begin, there are a few supplies you will want to purchase. Some of the most important things you will need are:

  • Alcohol Wipes: These are important for sanitizing the injection area and syringe.
  • Syringe & Needle: These will be provided to you by our staff in your Semaglutide 3-Month program package. If they have been misplaced, please contact us at 800-905-4252.
  • Sharps Container: This is a safe and proper way to dispose of used needles. You can purchase them at most drugstores.

How to Prepare an Injection Site for At-Home Administration

Step 1: Clean the Area with an Alcohol Pad

The first step to injecting medication is to clean the site with an alcohol wipe. This will help prevent potential infections and ensure that no outside bacteria or germs enter your body during the injection.

Step 2: Let the Area Dry Completely

After cleaning the site, allow it to dry completely before the injection. Keeping the skin dry ensures the medication will be correctly absorbed into your body.

Step 3: Pinch a Fold of Skin for Easy Injection

Right before you insert the needle, you will want to pinch a fold of skin. This helps make the injection site more accessible and less painful.

How to Administer an At-Home Semaglutide Injection

Step 1: Remove the Cap Off the Syringe & Draw Medicine from the Vial

Once you have prepped your injection site, it is now time to inject the medicine. First, remove the cap off of the syringe and draw the medicine from the vial. For an easy load, try angling the syringe at a 45-degree angle while drawing the medicine.

Important Note: Please make sure that there are no air bubbles in the syringe after you have filled it. This can lead to complications and an inaccurate dose.

Step 2: Insert the Needle into the Site & Begin Injecting

Now that your syringe and injection site are ready, you can now begin injecting the medicine. To do so, quickly insert the needle into the skin and begin to slowly press down on the plunger. You will know you are done when the syringe is completely empty, and you feel a small pinch.

Step 3: Remove the Needle & Dispose of it Properly

Once the injection is complete, remove the needle from your skin and dispose of it in the sharps container. Make sure to screw on the cap to avoid any accidental pricks properly.

Step 4: Clean the Site with an Alcohol Pad & Place a Bandaid if Necessary

After taking care of the needle, use another alcohol wipe to clean the injection site again. If there is any slight bleeding, you can cover it with a bandaid.

Signs You Should Contact a Medical Professional after an At-Home Injection

While at-home injections are generally safe, some signs you should watch out for may indicate a need to contact either our office or a medical professional. These include:

  • Severe pain or discomfort after injection
  • Bleeding that does not stop 10 minutes after the injection
  • Redness, swelling, and warmth around the injection site
  • Any allergic reactions such as hives or severe itching

If you notice any of these reactions, please contact a professional as soon as possible before continuing with your next injection.

Contact IV League in South Boston, MA & Salem, NH for to Schedule a Consultation for Semaglutide Injections & Professional Support

If you are considering looking into Semaglutide injections as a solution for stubborn weight loss, we offer a 3-month program of weekly shots that can help you reach your goals. During your consultation, we will do a full assessment and provide you with all of the necessary supplies and instructions for at-home injections. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us by visiting our website or calling us at 800-905-4242. We look forward to helping you on your wellness journey!

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